New Studio Rules Due To Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 the following rules will apply upon the re-opening of Unit-1 Rehearsal Studios on June 29th:

1. The hand sanitiser provided, MUST be used on entrance to, and exit, from the building.
2. There will be no microphones provided. You will have to bring and use your own.
3. Please wear a face mask in the building.
4. There won’t be tea and coffee provided. Please, no food or drinks. You may bring your own water, but please take all rubbish home with you.
5. There will be paper and spray for equipment, mic leads, etc., in the rooms. There will be no taking equipment from other rooms. If you need something you MUST call Bobby. There will be a snare and cymbal set in each room, as well as guitar and mic leads – please leave them there.
6. Keyboards will be left set up and plugged in – please leave them this way.
7. Sessions will start at 5 minutes past the hour, and end 5 minutes before the hour. Please do not arrive early, or hang around. Make sure to have left by 5 to the hour.
8. When booking, please state how many people will be attending the session.
9. Please practice social distancing at all times, whether in the building or in the smoking areas outside.
10. I would encourage people when possible to wear gloves, as well as their own face masks. Please take these home with you. You will still need to use hand sanitiser on the gloves, entering or leaving the building, and when handling equipment and leads.


I’m sorry if this all sounds a bit authoritarian, but we’re in strange times. The priority here is to try and keep everyone as safe as possible. Please be patient and respectful, and call me if there are any problems.
Thank you, for you co-operation, forebearance, and understanding.

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